With the lifting of covid restrictions, we are now back to full services including singing. Masks are not legally required, but we are keeping sanitiser and masks available for those who prefer to use them. Singing is also a matter of personal choice and there is ample room for social distancing should you prefer that too. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and safe.

They say “No news is good news,” trouble is, it leaves an empty page.

You must know of something interesting happening to you or around you lately, so please consider sharing it with us.

We now have a group using our church on Thursday’s from 1 until 3 o clock. It is called “I’m Fine. Halifax” and is for those who have suffered fron depression and related illnesses. It is open to onyone in a similar situation and you will be made most welcome.

During the covid lockdown we have been unfortunate enough to loose valuable members of our congregation though none of them to covid.

First there was Barry Wright then Enid Hey and most recently, Harry Brook. Harry and Barry in particular had been attending Providence since they were children and eventually held many posts in the church over the years. Enid had been infirm for a long time and could not attend church in her final years but was visited by members of the congregation. All have left emptiness in our lives and will be greatly missed.

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