This page is more for those who are new to prayer and not sure how to go about it.

Prayer is a very important part of being a Christian. It is a direct link to God and you can talk to Him orally or simply with your mind and in silence. Often, prayer seems to be an abstract entity in that you do not always get an immediate response and it may take years to get an answer.

Understandably, Christians themselves sometimes wonder what is going on.

One of the problems with prayer is that if an answer does come speedily, it is often confused with co-incidence and people doubt its validity. However, if you take the time to analyse worldly situations, it becomes obvious that prayers have been answered in one form or another.

There are many stories of soldiers, sailors, airmen and others in dangerous situations who have prayed to God and been saved. Sceptics would claim it is simply luck but that is an even more obscure entity.

It follows then, that prayer is a valid form of communication with God and does have power in helping others. Prayers for others are the strongest.

Many people wonder just how do you pray and what do you say. Again the answer is simple: just talk to God as you would to a trusted friend, after all, that’s just what He is. It doesn’t matter if you ponder and stumble over your words, God is patient and will wait for your requests and listen to your problems.

So, go ahead and talk to the one true God who really will listen.

Here is an example:  Let’s assume that we want our neighbours little girl to be cured of a serious illness, we could say something like this:

Heavenly Father, Jane next door is very ill. She is a lovely child who never complains and I would really like you to bless her and make her well. Her parents and brothers and sisters do everything they can to make her life easier and they are deserving of your blessing too. I ask this prayer in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayers will be added to this page from time to time and we respond to requests from individuals. If you need us to pray for  you or someone else in our Sunday services, please feel free to use the contact form.